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We have a crucial mission to accomplish at Persán: to ensure that our products reach every corner of the world, #foracleanandhealthyworld.

We are a multinational with a family company DNA, combining the best of both models: The international presence, diversity and globalization of a multinational company together with the proximity, agility and flexibility in the decision - making process and the adaptation to change of a family company.

We have a clear objective: To become the most straightforward multinational in the world.

The values that are going to ensure that we reach this objective are:

  • Leadership: Now that we have consolidated our leadership in the national market, the focus is on strengthening the Strategic Plan which will make us one of the most important references in the Home Care sector in the world.
  • Commitment: Our greatest differentiating value is our people: passion and engagement in everything we do and our pride in our sense of belonging.
  • Transformation and growth: We are not in an era of change, we are in a change of era. The era of process optimization, operational performance improvement and achievement orientation, together with the Human Capital development which represent us.
  • Innovation: Our focus on continuous improvement, our aim to make a difference and to always go a step further in everything we do, as the way to success.

The guarantee of success for our Strategic Plan – “One Billion”, will be the result of the four main pillars which define us.

What makes us different is the added value that we offer through our great team of people and our constant drive in the areas of innovation and technology, which in turns, leads to top quality products. All of this while guaranteeing the overall stability of the company.

Our Production Plants

Welcome to the real butterfly effect!

The flapping of a butterfly’s wings is the beginning of a great movement. At Persán, each one of us is a butterfly and we are using our wings to do something big. We are achieving our aims, thanks to our involvement, effort and commitment. We are proud to take our products to all the corners of the world and in this way, accomplish our mission to keep our world cleaner and healthier.

Team Work

We work for a common goal, combining knowledge, skills, energy and ideas to maximize the efficacy and efficiency of our results. All of this contributes to an excellent working environment.


We guarantee working teams that are made up of experts with international prestige from whom we can continue to learn from and grow with on a daily basis.

Professional Development

We recognize the talent of our professionals and offer them the opportunity to develop this talent within our individualized Career Plans.

Continuous Training

We have an annual Training Plan, led by our Training and Development team with which we can cover the training needs of all our employees and further their professional development.

Flexible Timetable

We offer you the possibility of organizing your working day in the way that best fits in with your personal life.

Social benefits

We offer our professionals a wide range of life facilitators. These include a company canteen which is subsidized by the company or a private medical insurance policy offering fully comprehensive cover.

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